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Why Not Hire an Overseas Virtual Assistant?

Updated: Jul 9

Have you ever thought you might hire an overseas virtual assistant? While you can find #virtualassistants abroad for less than $10 an hour, you will get what you pay for. If you just need someone to do data entry and a not complicated spreadsheet, that is a great fit for you probably.

But if you need someone to talk to patients, staff, other professionals, or insurance companies on behalf of you and your patients, it's not going to be worth the lower price. Just like if I were in the Philippines I wouldn't be hiring someone from the US to conduct my business, it's just simply not best practice. If your tasks are mindless and mundane and not language dependent, and all you can afford is cheap, then it's probably okay.

6 levels of tall office building at night.

But if you need a good user experience, if you need the work done right the first time without having to spend the time that it would take to quality control it, then we should talk. Have you ever spoken to insurance representatives that you can tell are definitely not on US soil? Do you love it? If you had to do it frequently, would you potentially make other arrangements? Your patients, colleagues, and staff may, also. They may also think that you sold out to cheap, inefficient labor, just like you might when you encounter it.

Photo of blog author with excerpt stating, "What sets me apart? I have over 22 years of experience! That means you get the lessons I've learned from the mistakes I've made without having to make them all yourself."

Hire a pro if you need a pro.

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