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Why Am I a Virtual Assistant?

I've been working in alternative healthcare management since 2001. I absolutely LOVE what I do. But several years ago I realized that I was feeling ready to make a change. I love solving problems, designing promotions, executing plans, researching, putting statistics into meaningful representations, and watching things work out to grow, grow, grow! I like running my calendar, staying up on new industry developments, and crushing to-do lists. But I'm ready for a change from the people management aspect.

Don't misunderstand me - people are the answer, always! I have had the distinct pleasure of hiring and working alongside some incredible, amazing talent in my years. I am so honored to be able to say that I have been told countless times I'm the best supervisor my staff members have ever worked with. But let me tell you, it's because I take it SO seriously. I know that my staff spend a lot of time at work, they depend on a steady paycheck, and no one is being paid enough to put up with a grumpy, difficult, or mean supervisor. So I have always given 100% at my job. But it takes a toll and I'm unwilling to continue if I am unable to give it my best.

When I decided to work on an exit strategy, I knew that I didn't want to get in a hurry. So I spent the next three years (YEARS!) deciding what to do next. I have done every skills test, job inventory, and personality profile you can imagine. I have prayed, asked earnestly for advice, and worked with a life coach. I learned a lot about myself, but I didn't find what was next in all that time. Finally, right when I was about to give up, I learned that I could take my skills and experience and do what I love while still helping others, without doing the things I'm ready to move on from. It clicked! And I am so very excited to continue working with the people I love - natural and homeopathic health providers - in a meaningful way, but in a way that now works best for me.

And the absolute best part is that I have been able to start this journey part-time, adding hours to my personal business as I slowly work with my owners and staff to gradually decrease my hours in management so that they can continue a thriving, healthy, and happy business without the whiplash a resigned manager. I'm so happy and excited again about my career future. Thanks for going on this journey with me!



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