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How Does Hiring a Virtual Assistant Work?

Updated: Jul 9

It's simple to get started hiring a virtual assistant:

  1. Click Book Online on my website.

  2. Schedule a time that works for you. I'll email a link for a zoom.

  3. Show up to the zoom with an idea of what you need help with and what you're looking for in a VA. Are they friendly, or more serious and to the point? Are they easy to talk to for you? Do you seem to vibe?

  4. Get your quote emailed back with the contract.

  5. Sign the contract or contact if anything needs to be changed.

  6. Make the first payment installment.

  7. I'll email you a list of anything I need to get started (user setup in software, etc.), a copy of the contract, and confirmation of a start date. We can set up check-in conversations on a schedule that works to adjust anything as needed.

  8. Sit back and enjoy the time you're saving!

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