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How Can a VA or Virtual Assistant Help Me and My Practice?

Here's how I can assist your practice:

  • Schedule Management: I can efficiently manage personal and patient appointments, send reminders, and handle rescheduling requests.

  • Patient Communication: I can draft and send patient communications, including appointment confirmations, phone or chat intake, email and DM management, and call backs.

  • Bookkeeping: I can handle your bookkeeping, ordering, A/P, and A/R, including reporting - all or part  .

  • Insurance and Billing: I can assist with insurance pre-authorization, verification, billing, appeals, and follow-up on outstanding claims, and contracting/management.

  • Admin: hiring, onboarding, payroll, benefits management, HIPAA training

Benefits of Utilizing a Healthcare Virtual Assistant:

  • Increased Efficiency: Free up your time to focus on patient care.

  • Improved Patient Communication: Ensure timely and accurate communication with patients.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Delegate tasks to improve overall workflow without the adding hourly staff.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Affordable way to enhance your practice's productivity - small, medium, or large task loads.

While it can seem like a lot to get the initial organization done, part of the beauty of a #VA, is they handle most of the setting up, very unlike employees. There is no sitting around on the clock waiting for you to add them to the software, email, messaging, and insurance portals. You do the bare minimum, and I work out the rest, only bothering you for help when needed. And you can skip payroll taxes, forms, and rules. I take care of all of that as an independent contractor.

It makes sense for healthcare providers to use #virtualassistants because we can also contract in your personal bookkeeping, schedule and/or email management, in addition to the clinic duties you'd like handled, for one fee. It's always #customized to meet your needs.

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