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Welcome to my            

My mission is to help you change lives through alternative, holistic, and natural approaches, create a thriving business, and STILL enjoy your life. I promise it's possible!

I hope we can achieve all of your goals together! 

My Work            

I have worked since 2001 in alternative healthcare, both on-site and remotely, and I'm passionate about helping through natural and homeopathic methods. Now, I specialize in helping businesses and professionals in the industry succeed while enjoying their life.  

I offer "back office" help to alternative health providers:

  • E-mail management: basic to full

  • Social media management

  • Admin forms and marketing materials: create, edit, and proof

  • Calendar and organization help

  • Accounts receivable and payable

I also help with management-level projects and duties:

  • Insurance billing: start-up, credentialing, and compliance

  • Problem-solving: HR and staffing, patient flow problems, PR issues, strategic expansion, statistical analysis and plan implementation, the addition of new lines of revenue, etc. 

  • Hiring assistance: job platform management, screening, interviewing, reference verification, and onboarding

  • Paperless and/or software conversions

  • And much more!



I function as a VA, OBM, or consultant, based on your needs and my availability. Not sure where to start? I can help with that, too. Book a call and we can sort it all out. 

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Have you realized you're your own worst business foe Our minds are POWERFUL! Fixed ideas t

Contact me or book a free Discovery Call and I'll walk you through everything. People who need a VA don't need a complicated start-up. Book from my website or let me know how I can help on the contact page. I'll be in touch soon!

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